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Sderot HaHaskala 3

Sderot HaHaskala 3 · Tel Aviv-Yafo

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success center building - ground floor

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The Event:
understanding the hacks of being able to create a workable MVP without spending thousands of dollars is what separates the avid entrepreneurs from the wishful. This event series is designed to give all aspiring startupists the tools and thought processes to produce an MVP for $1000’s instead of $10,000’s.

Pre-registration is necessary, number of chairs is limited: You can register only by completing the form:

You want to win a program that will help you move your project forward?
prepare a 90 second speech and you will be able to win and get free program, that will take you forward!

Event's Schedule:

10:30 - Introducing, registering for the competition.

11:15 - Guest of honor David Elharar, importance of the storytelling of the beginner entrepreneurs.

11:40 - Getting to know Gavriel's team to promote early entrepreneurs, how to lower costs at the beginning, and how to create motivated team.

12:00 - Presentation of your project, 90 seconds The entrepreneur presents the idea.

12:30 - Mingling.

Outsource your MVP
Choosing your team
And you've all heard about the storytelling in the start-up world

~ Location: Hahaschala 3 Tel Aviv 1th floor
~ 60 minutes followed by mingling
~ Delivered in Hebrew
~ We start 15 minutes after the scheduled time

Pre-registration is necessary, number of chairs is limited: You can register only by completing the form:
More details:

Storytelling-Delivered by David Elharar
He has worked for over 15 years in the marketing world, working with various brands in Israel and abroad, part of the strategic marketing processes of Nike USA and more.
Today he helps people, businesses, and brands be inspired by story-based strategy.
"You too (you are the brand) can harness an audience around a good, relevant and valuable story that will help you achieve your goals".

How to avoid costly mistakes-Delivered by Gavriel Ariel
An entrepreneur who has crossed the borders of the country and established a company in India to reduce costs in the development of interesting projects and especially helps entrepreneurs begin to reach the technological product easily while avoiding wasting time and money.

(The value of the program is 3750 NIS is given under the auspices of B Solution company)

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במפגש הזה אנו נתמקד בחיסכון בעלויות וסטוריטלינג כמושג משמעותי בעולם היזמות כיום.

מפגש שנועד לתת את כלים ומידע חשוב, איך לבנות צוות מכוון מטרה, להימנע מבזבוז זמן וכסף בתהליך וחשיבה שתוביל למהלכים בכדי לייצר MVP עבור $ 1000 במקום 10,000 $ של.
במפגש תתקיים תחרות והפרויקט עם הכי הרבה פוטנציאל יזכה בתוכנית ליווי שנקראת "תוכנית צעדים" שכוללת ליווי של שלושה שבועות שבהם היזם רוכש כלים פרקטיים למימוש המיזם שלו, חיבור עם אנשי תוכנה ותוכן שיכולים לסייע למימוש הפרויקט

נארח את דוד אלהרר מומחה בשיווק וסטוריטלינג, עוזר ליזמים מתחילים לספר את הסיפור שלהם.
בכדי לזכות בתחרות יש להירשם מראש ולהגיע מוכנים עם נאום של 90 שניות!
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