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"CFUNITED Preview: Using Apache Derby", with Charlie Arehart

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WHEN: Thurs. Jul 30, 6:00pm US EDT (UTC/GMT-4)
DURATION: Approx. 1 hour
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Our 6pm (US EDT) talk on Thursday July 30 will be yours truly, Charlie Arehart, presenting a preview of one of my CFUnited talks, "Using Apache Derby, the Open Source Database Embedded in ColdFusion 8".

We had a last minute postponement of our planned talk for this slot by Brian Meloche. He will reschedule it for mid-August. I'm stepping in with this talk, even with the late announcement, rather than have none at all.


Using Apache Derby, the Open Source Database Embedded in ColdFusion 8

Come see a preview (about 20-30 minutes) of one of my CFUnited sessions, this one on Apache Derby. No, it's not "new in CF9", but many have missed or dismissed it. In this session, you will learn about the Apache Derby database included in ColdFusion 8. A full-featured database with a ten-year heritage, Apache Derby is fully transactional, easy to use, and standards based and has the advanced features you'd expect in any quality DBMS. Yet it's small, at only 2MB. You'll find out how to use Apache Derby within ColdFusion, as well as about tools that work with it and where to learn more. Again, this is just a preview, but for many it will be more than they've ever heard about the Derby DBMS embedded in CF8. I'm sure some will have preconceived notions about the tool. Come share your thoughts. I hope to dispel a few myths along the way.


A veteran ColdFusion developer and troubleshooter since 1997 with over 25 years in IT, Charlie Arehart is a longtime contributor to the community and a recognized Adobe Community Expert. As an independent consultant, he provides short-term troubleshooting/tuning assistance and training/mentoring for organizations of all sizes and CF experience levels ( Besides running the 1800-member Online ColdFusion Meetup (, an online CF user group), he also hosts the UGTV repository of recorded presentations from hundreds of speakers ( and the CF411 site of several hundred tools/resources for CFers ( A certified Advanced CF Developer and Instructor for CF 4 thru 8, Charlie's spoken at each of the major CF conferences worldwide and is a contributor to all three volumes of Ben Forta's ColdFusion 8 WACK books.

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