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"Hidden Gems in ColdFusion Builder", with Charlie Arehart

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WHEN: Thurs. Nov 5, 6:00pm US ET (UTC/GMT-5)
DURATION: Approx. 1 hour
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Our 6pm (US ET) talk on Thursday Nov 5 will be Charlie Arehart presenting, "Hidden Gems in ColdFusion Builder".


In this session, veteran CFer Charlie Arehart will share dozens of tips and tricks (and a couple of traps) for working with Adobe's new ColdFusion Builder IDE. Note that this talk is not a general introduction to the editor, but instead focuses on hidden gems.

Whether you're entirely new to CF Builder or have used it since its release, there will be items of interest for you. Of course, those with prior experience with CFEclipse will recognize some of the tips, but many if not most will be unique to CFBuilder, and even experienced CFEclipse users have said they learned things in this talk.

The topics will range from gems in editing code, to working with files, to configuring the IDE; from troubleshooting problems, to connecting the IDE to CF servers and editing code on remote servers, as well as miscellaneous gems, gotchas, and resources for learning more.

A veteran ColdFusion developer and troubleshooter since 1997 with over 25 years in IT, Charlie Arehart is a longtime contributor to the community and a recognized Adobe Community Expert. As an independent consultant, he provides short-term troubleshooting/tuning assistance and training/mentoring for organizations of all sizes and CF experience levels ( ( Besides running the 2000-member Online ColdFusion Meetup ( (, an online CF user group), he also hosts the UGTV repository of recorded presentations from hundreds of speakers ( ( and the CF411 site of over 1000 tools/resources for CFers ( ( A certified Advanced CF Developer and Instructor for CF 4 thru 8, Charlie's spoken at each of the major CF conferences worldwide and is a contributor to all three volumes of Ben Forta's ColdFusion 8 and 9 WACK books.

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