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"ANT on the Wire: Using FTP, Email, SVN, and VSS", with Marc Esher

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When: Thursday, Feb 28, 12:00pm EST (GMT-5) (What time is that for you? See this link ( which shows the time as EST and you can choose your city from the list offered to see it in your own time.)

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Duration: Approx. 1 hour
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We'll have two speakers on Thursday, Feb 28. First up will be Marc Esher on "ANT on the Wire: Using FTP, Email, SVN, and VSS". I'll have more on the 6pm speaker later in a separate entry.

Description: (provided by the speaker)

This is a how-to session on using FTP, Email, Subversion, and VSS access in your ANT build files. It will demonstrate exactly how to configure your environment for using these tasks and will demo all of them. I'll show you where to go in the documentation to learn all about these tasks. In addition, I'll show how all of this comes together in the build we use for MXUnit. A small bonus -- using ANT for version numbering -- will sneak in there, too b/c it's so cool.


Marc is a long-time ColdFusion and Java programmer (Sun Certified), currently working in the brokerage industry. He is also a contributor to the MXUnit unit testing framework for ColdFusion. His primary professional interests are building "really big, complex systems", team-building, and process improvement. He is married, with children. His rare spare time is usually spent with scotch and a cigar.

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