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Celebrate The Power of Unreasonable People & Learn How To Make Your Ideas Happen

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George Bernard Shaw famously stated, “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man (and woman).”

Unreasonable people make things happen. By their very nature they also transform - systems, lives, culture, and the world around us. For our final Meetup for 2011 we'll be celebrating the creativity, innovation, courage and persistence of unreasonable people everywhere and have a conversation with four inspiring and enterprising Melburnians about how they
make things happen and what they've learned from their successes
and failures.

We'll also be celebrating a terrific first year for the Collaboratory, that sees us moving in to our second year with almost 400 members and plans to launch in early 2012 a member based community enterprise to enable you to make your ideas happen.

Please join us for a very special night of inspired conversation, great local food, wine and beer in celebration of 2011, and looking toward bigger and better things in 2012.

Our special guest panelists:

> Kate Kendall: Kate is a digital thinker and doer who’s been working in the social web space since 2007. She’s known for her communication, community and entrepreneurial nous, and leader in thought when it comes to social media, content strategy, online awareness, community engagement and tech startups.

Kate was just named one of Melbourne's Top 100 in The Age's Melbourne Magazine ( She is a writer (,speaker ( and avid tweeter, and is listed as one of 15 recommended-to-follow Australians by Twitter. She can often be found in Melbourne, San Francisco and her new-love Berlin.

Kate is the creator of The Fetch ( – a what’s happening guide to your city’s business, digital and creative communities. The all-you-need-to-know fortnightly curated emails are now in Melbourne (, Sydney ( and Brisbane ( with hopes for it to spread around the globe from 2012.

She is also currently working on Cloud Peeps ( – a platform to connect community managers with startups and small businesses.

Kate is the founder of SocialMelb (, fostering the development of Melbourne's vibrant social media community, with weekly conversational gatherings of people interested and working in the social media space. As one of Melbourne’s largest digital meetups, the group is renowned for facilitating discussion across industry and is a catalyst for collaboration, idea generation and knowledge transfer.

Find out more about Kate at ( and connect with her on twitter at @katekendall (

> Daniel Donahoo: Daniel works with words and insecurities. He has ideas. And, makes them happen. When he was 23 he thought it would be a good idea to become a dad. Dan now has three growing boys.

When he was 24 he thought he should become a newspaper columnist. He has written over 50 op-ed pieces for Australian newspapers. When he was 26 he decided to write a book. Daniel is the author of Idolising Children (UNSW Press) and Adproofing Your Kids (Finch).

When he was 27 he wanted to build a solar passive house on permaculture principles. He sold that house last year. A couple of years ago he decided to establish an ideas consultancy. So now, Daniel is the Director of Project Synthesis. He is Geek in Residence at the Emerging Writers' Festival. He is a blogger at and the Huffington Post.

Some of Daniel's recent projects are:

LEGO Poetry ( The Children's App Manifesto ( Digital(4)Life ( Read more of Daniel's words at ( and find him on twitter at @ddonahoo (

> Ehon Chan: Ehon is one of Australia's brightest social entrepreneurs, an innovator, and digital native. He is one of the “world’s most inspiring young achiever and innovator under 30” (Sandbox Network) and was just named one of Melbourne's Top 100 in The Age Melbourne Magazine (

Ehon's work focuses on harnessing the social impact of digital technology and new media for the greater good. Ehon also has extensive experience working with the government, corporate and social sector as a consultant, educator, and advisor on projects related to engagement, community development, digital technology, new media and campaigning.

Ehon has led community development and literacy projects throughout South East Asia. He co-founded News Unlimited, Brisbane’s leading digital entertainment magazine, in 2009 and Youth Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation (YES) Brisbane, Brisbane’s first incubator program for changemakers, in 2010.

In 2011, Ehon created the campaign, “Soften the Fck Up (” - a national campaign to reduce incidence of suicide among young males, by encouraging them to share their problems and overcome the stigma attached to expressing feelings. Ehon also co-founded GetClassmate, an educator-to-educator marketplace for educators to share teaching resources.

Learn more about Ehon at ( and find him on twitter at @ehon (

> Ross Hill: Ross is immersed in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship and one of Melbourne's brightest young stars.

At Yammer (, the enterprise social network used by 100,000 organisations globally, he works with customers across Asia Pacific to transform their internal communications through connecting, sharing and collaborating. Ross is one of the founders of the entrepreneurial event The Hive (, a networking organisation built by a bunch of Melbourne based entrepreneurs, to connect, share advice and hang out.

Ross is also one of the founding trustees of Awesome Foundation ( Melbourne, which funds local creative, technological and social projects to the tune of $1,000 every month. Ross is also co-producer of the Mindful ( unconference, exploring meaning and mindful living on the edge of technology and culture.

Learn more about Ross at ( and find him on twitter at @rosshill (!/rosshill)

Reflect, celebrate and discover how to take your big ideas and make them happen in 2012.

*Registration includes finger food and soft drinks. There will also be beer and wine on the night.

“Often the difference between a successful person and a failure is not one has better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on one's ideas, to take a calculated risk - and to act.” ~ Andre Malraux