Request for DOTC Technology Plan Requirements (DOTC-19-04) S:1 Feb 2019

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The new DOTC BIDS portal is now open for submission of requirements for DOTC-19-04 Technology Plan. The final DOTC-19-04 Technology Plan will be part of the DOTC-19-04 Request for Ordnance Technology Initiatives (ROTI)/Request for Prototype Proposal (RPP) to be released 28 March 2019.

(1) Please see attached Changes to DOTC FY19.pdf to view changes to the DOTC process.

(2) New DOTC BIDS Portal for DOTC-19-04 Technology Plan Requirements submission:

a) Please note all award activities are still being executed in the existing DOTC BIDS site. The two sites will be merged in the near future.

(3) Please see attached DOTC Technology Plan Requirements Instructions.pdf with step by step instructions on how to submit a requirement.

a) Please submit your requirements in BIDS NLT 3:00PM ET 1 February 2019. There will not be any exceptions.

If you know of anyone interested in participating in DOTC, please forward this email.

Links to supporting documents:

- Changes for FY19

- DOTC Technology Plan Requirements Instructions -

If you have any questions or would like to be removed from future distribution for DOTC, please email: [masked]

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