Funded Cybersecurity Veterans Assistance Program (C-VAP)


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Collider Members,

The non-profit Discovery Lab – Global (DLG) is offering a NO-COST opportunity for veterans, service members (plus Guard and Reserves), and military spouses to explore cybersecurity as a potential career.

The first offering will begin in January 2020 and is scheduled to run for 5 months. This DLG Cybersecurity – Veterans Assistance Project (C-VAP) is funded by the Department of Labor through a partnership with an NSA-certified university cybersecurity program. C-VAP is designed to help students learn key cybersecurity principles, gaining basic hands-on experience in ethical hacking utilizing a Raspberry Pi platform, and pass an industry recognized CompTIA cybersecurity certification exam that could help create future apprenticeship or employment opportunities.

This program builds on the original C-VAP developed as part of an NSA-funded pilot. The entire program will be spare-time / flex-time around a student's availability and will be conducted inside of a 3D virtual cybersecurity campus that will allow students to participate from home as an avatar. All that is needed is a computer with internet access. A VR headset is not required nor needed to participate.

The $350 cybersecurity certification exam fees will be reimbursed by DLG for those formerly recognized by DLG as having successfully completed the DLG C-VAP program. This opportunity will also be available to qualified government civilians and contractors seeking to transition into cybersecurity careers to enhance their employability or to qualify for higher paying positions.

DLG will further enhance the learning experience by recruiting cybersecurity industry partners nationally as guest speakers and subject matter experts willing to share their knowledge and offer career advice as avatars inside of DLG's 3D virtual cybersecurity campus. We envision the possibility of holding virtual career fairs. This will give industry partners an opportunity to identify promising DLG students as potential future hires and possibly even reimburse the exam cost for a promising DLG C-VAP student. All the graduates of DLG’s C-VAP program, many of them veterans, will be US citizens and able to secure clearances.

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