Tips for Creating an Inclusive Workplace from the Start[Up]


Join us at our next event as we welcome Annie Contractor Founder of Workplace Equity Partners to provide tips on starting an inclusive culture in your workplace!

What Attendees Can Expect:
Learn some initial steps from IDEA practitioners who work with multiple organizations
Leave with some specific steps that they can adapt to start to build or further the workplace parity strategy of their organization.
Hear from one or more startup or growing organizations with IDEA strategies in place
Inclusivity: Celebrating, welcoming, valuing and leveraging differences

Diversity: the presence of differences in a group

Equity: each person gets what they need

Accessibility: demonstrated willingness and ability to accommodate a variety of needs so that people of all backgrounds can consider an opportunity with or within your organization.

Annie Contractor grew up in rural Wyoming, served as a US Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia, hand-built a log cabin, farmed lettuce in Hawai'i, and amplified Brazilian activists. In the midst of these experiences, she designed and led 4 social justice research studies on 3 continents that have directly impacted food security, environmental justice, housing justice, and low-income mothers' access to quality jobs. Workplace Equity Partners aims to leverage these skills of applied research to the task of eliminating differences in pay, career opportunity, and work satisfaction for people of all identities.

***This event is Sponsored by GUSTO***
Gusto's mission is to create a world where work empowers a better life. Each year Gusto processes tens of billions of dollars of payroll and enables thousands of businesses to provide employee benefits like health insurance and 401(k) retirement plans and 529 college savings plans, many for the first time. And because our small business customers come from all walks of life, we built both a diverse team and an inclusive workplace to serve them well.