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This group is for the discussion and presentation of many of the varying aspects of the Golden Dawn system of magic. The Golden Dawn, originally founded in 1888, is not a religion and does not dictate any personal belief systems, but does involve spiritual practices that can be used by anyone.

Our topics range from (but are not limited to) Qabala (Kabbalah, qabalah, etc), Astrology, Divination (Tarot, Geomancy and Pendulum Dowsing), Alchemy, Hermetics, Talismans, Scrying, Astral Travel, Healing, Rosicrucian teachings, Egyptian Magic, Enochian magic, Elemental magic, planetary magic, incense, spyragics, general paganism (pagans, wicca, etc), the occult, the aura and the soul, personal spirituality, personal growth, spells and spellcraft, magic and magick.

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