When Stories Mutate


We're excited to announce that the Learn Do Share NYC meetup is now officially the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab (http://digitalstorytellinglab.com) meetup! The Digital Storytelling Lab is part of the Columbia University School of the Arts and throughout 2017 we'll be staging monthly meetups that explore new forms and functions of storytelling.

Our first meetup for 2017 focuses on the release of the lab's newest prototype, an immersive adaption of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. In addition to Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things (http://sherlockholmes.io) which will continue throughout 2017, we'll be piloting Frankenstein AI.

Join us on Monday, February 27th for a special evening of thinking & doing entitled "When Stories Mutate." We'll be celebrating the work of Mary Shelley in a fun, playful and immersive way.

6:30pm - Welcome & Introductions

6:45pm - A fireside chat between Robert Horton (http://roberthorton.wordpress.com), a film critic for the Seattle Weekly and Film Comment magazine contributor. He is the author of Frankenstein (http://frankensteinia.blogspot.com/) (Columbia University Press/Wallflower, 2014).

7:30pm - Step into a collaborative storytelling prototype that mixes story, play, design, Frankenstein and AI.

9:30pm - A closing drink and a chance to network