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Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things - a kit for augmenting creativity

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For over 2 years, we've been prototyping Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things. With 2,600 collaborators in 60 countries and 150+ self-organized events held around the world, the project has exceeded all our expectations.

On Monday, May 1st we'll be taking the next step. After hundreds of prototypes, we're ready to finalize a Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things kit. This kit will bundle a methodology, as well as a special IoT/AI/beacon, enabled Rotary Phone. The goal of the kit is to augment the creative process in an effort to bridge the physical and digital world through collaborative storytelling and play. The target date for completion is this coming fall when we premiere the kit at the New York Film Festival. After that, the kit will tour festivals and conferences around the world. It's important to note that this kit will be released under a creative commons license so that others can remix and contribute to its growth.

Come join a small group of storytellers, game designers, hackers, makers and educators as we gather to design, plan and develop next steps for a unique collaborative storytelling kit that mixes emerging technologies in an effort to augment creativity.

We have room for 24 participants. The amount is limited in an effort to help focus the work and the output of this special session.