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The Art & Craft of the Pop-up

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Join us June 5th at 7pm for a special conversation with Piera Gelardi, Executive Creative Director and co-founder of the award-winning digital media company, Refinery29 ( Each fall, Piera, and her team transform a warehouse in Brooklyn into a massive immersive pop-up that mixes story, play, art, technology, fashion, and collaboration over three days. Entitled 29 Rooms, the temporary experience reaches tens of thousands in real life, and millions online. At our June meetup, Piera will pull back the curtain on the art and craft of designing and producing engaging pop-ups.

Our discussion with Piera, will be immediately followed by a special Frankenstein AI ( pop-up design session. This coming fall Columbia DSL will produce a special Frankenstein AI pop-up in NYC. Over the next 6 months we'll be working together to design, build and produce the pop-up.