Imagining futures beyond our own lifespans: an evening with Longpath Labs


Join us for an evening with Longpath Labs as we explore what it takes to design and build a sustainable movement to tackle complex challenges over the long haul. The evening will focus on the underlying research and vision behind Longpath followed by an opportunity to beta-test Longpath’s open-source “Intro to participatory futures making.”

7:00pm - 7:25pm
Fireside chat with futurist and founder of Longpath Labs Ari Wallach

7:30pm - 10:00pm
In this immersive session, we’ll run through a specific sequence of exercises — which participants are invited to critique, rework, and reframe — that test-drive a new problem-solving methodology based on connection, dialogue and empathy. Based on the latest research in social psychology, neuroscience, innovation, and even ancient ritual, the exercises are designed to evoke emotion, ask big questions and facilitate engaging conversations that lead to personal, organizational and societal action.

Longpath is a new method for solving personal and societal problems. Longpath thinking is rooted in imagining futures beyond our own lifespans; decentering technology as a cure-all for everything; and daring to define and stay true to our core values. Longpath Labs builds tools, exercises, futures-minded communities, and ultimately a movement empowering people to shift toward transgenerational thinking and behavior.