Dinner with Frankenstein AI - an opportunity to prototype for IDFA


Dinner with Frankenstein AI is headed to IDFA in Amsterdam! This marks the second time in the past year that Frankenstein AI will show in a major festival. Earlier this year a version of Frankenstein AI premiered at Sundance.

Come and join us as we prototype the experience that will premiere at IDFA next month. Frankenstein AI is a monster made by many and those who help to prototype are considered collaborators. The initiative is a multi-year design research project from the Columbia University School of the Arts' Digital Storytelling Lab. Released under a creative commons license the project is open to collaborators from around the world.

The evening will start with a special talk on Conversational Design by Romy Nehme. Words are as much a design material as any other, but we don't typically think of designing conversations in that way. This talk will explore the shape of conversations and prompts as overtures to the profound experience of exploring each other -- both in the analog and digital worlds.

Romy Nehme started out in the world of sports & entertainment, focusing on fan development before eventually becoming the Head of Insights & Strategy at VaynerMedia. There, she created a new discipline, and grew a team of 20 cultural researchers and strategists. She has since collaborated with Technology, Humans and Taste on their creative research methods, and taught the “Everything is Media” course for creatives at Miami Ad School.

She is currently on a sabbatical, splitting her time between getting a civic engagement media startup off the ground, writing a book about imagination -- how we can use it as a tool to crack open new pathways for thinking critically and compassionately about important societal issues, and other fun adventures in learning and performance.

Then join us as we prototype Dinner with Frankenstein AI in preparation for its IDFA premiere in November. We'll continue to experiment with mixing storytelling, food, conversation and AI. The evening will build upon a series of tests that were conducted throughout the month of September and October. Together we'll be prototyping an immersive dinner party. At the dinner, guests engage with a Frankenstein AI through voice and text. Over the course of the evening, the AI attempts to surface fears and hopes from the guests.

*Please note that for this meetup when we say "food" we're talking about designing menus - we won't be serving food. Please eat before you come.

The Dinner with Frankenstein AI challenge materials are now available. Join a team, design and stage a dinner party with a global community. Dinner parties will be run on October 27th and 28th. For more details please visit - https://medium.com/@lanceweiler/dinner-with-frankenstein-ai-global-challenge-design-brief-102801deca0d