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Exploring Curation, Funding & Exhibition Models for Immersive Storytelling

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Exploring Curation, Funding & Exhibition Models for Immersive Storytelling


Getting an immersive project that mixes story and code up and running is challenging. Often the work represents something that is new and can be difficult to explain. The learning curve for potential funders and prospective audiences can be steep. Not to mention the design, production and exhibition can be costly. As the interest in experiential work is on the rise there is an opportunity to discuss and examine ethical and sustainable funding models for storytellers who are pushing at the edges of new narrative forms and functions. At the same time, an ever-shifting digital landscape makes it difficult for the work to live beyond a limited run and/or to be archived.

Join us for an evening of exploration as we pull back the curtain on what it takes to help an immersive work make its way into the world.

7 pm
Doors Open

7:15 pm
Welcome and Introductions

7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Fireside Chat on Curation, Funding & Exhibition with Regina Harsanyi (Wallplay) and Neil Carty (The Carty Group), Jae Lee & Yvonne Nai-wen Chang (Wildrence)

8:30 pm to 9:50 pm
Discussion + Design session identifying the pain points and needs of creators working with story and code

9:50 pm to 10:00 pm
Closing Remarks

Special guests
Neil Carty is the founder and CEO of The Carty Group, a curiosity-led innovation strategy firm that advises Fortune 100 brands, media, technology and entertainment companies. At TCG, Neil helps clients view innovation through the lens of education, discovery and culture. Neil is also a producer, community developer and early stage technology investor.

Regina Harsanyi is passionate about improving and educating others on best practices for the longevity of variable media. A graduate of New York University’s IFA, Harsanyi has primarily researched and written on the topic of time-based media from historical, archival, and technical perspective. She previously acted as a key collaborator for the first wave of the Artist Archive Project at Fales Library and Special Collections, where she published researched, created controlled vocabularies, and designed future projects for David Wojnarowicz’s legacy. Harsanyi has also assisted with major conservation projects via Small Data Industries for non-profit institutions. Since 2017, Harsanyi has curated over 30 exhibitions with Wallplay, many of which highlight the legitimacy of creative technology. She remains focused on the technical and operational aspects of time-based media artwork, including documentation and preservation, from plastics to software.

Jae Hee Lee & Yvonne Nai-wen Chang are co-founders of Wildrence, a consulting design studio that creates seamless interactive experiences through the combination of technology and immersive environments. Wildrence has produced, creative directed, set designed, and created many immersive experience at the flagship space including, Six Impossible Things, The Mortality Machine, The Bunker, Refuge, Here, and more.

Photo credit: DiMoDA On Canal. Courtesy of Wallplay
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