An Aesthetics of Process - where theory and practice collide


Join us for on August 7th for an exploration into theory and practice.

Opening Ignite Talk by Rob King
“Do Something Possible,” Or, What My Twitterbot Taught Me
This talk explains explores computational process as an aesthetic element of new media art. It makes the case for an approach to new media that seeks not to hide algorithmic or coding operations, but to make them an integral part of the felt experience of the work. By way of a simple case study, we’ll be looking closely at Twitter as a platform for creative play. We’ll show you how to make a Twitterbot, and how Twitterbots might be thought of as micro exercises in the aesthetics of computational process.

Fireside chat
"An Aesthetics of Process - where theory and practice collide."
After Rob's talk, there will be a fireside chat that explores the aesthetics of process. What can be learned from previous advancements in technology and how did they historically impact storytelling and artistic practice? What can we apply from the past that could help us to navigate our present ever-shifting digital landscape?

Prototyping around Edgar Allan Poe
Then join us for a special prototyping session as elements from the conversation carry over and become tangible. The frame for the prototyping session will center on The Raven an adaption of Edgar Allan Poe's life and work. The Raven will premiere this fall within the Convergence section of the NYFF.

Rob King is a professor of Film and Media Studies at Columbia University’s School of the Arts. He is the author of Hokum! The Early Sound Slapstick Short and Depression-Era Mass Culture (2017) and the award-winning The Fun Factory: The Keystone Film Company and the Emergence of Mass Culture (2009). He is currently working on a critical study of filmmaker Radley Metzger.