Microservices in Practice - Development, Deployment, Operation and Management

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Effective Microservices Development with Ballerina - Anjana (40 min)
Ballerina is a network-distributed programming language, which is focused on bringing in the network awareness to programming. Ballerina has created higher level abstractions for network services, endpoints, data security and more. Ballerina also follows sequence diagram based model in programming, where its programming constructs can be directly visualized as a detailed sequence diagram. This gives instant visibility on the design of your application, and self-documenting features. Ballerina also provides a rich concurrency mechanism based on a lightweight worker model, which optimizes the CPU resources in conjunction with nonblocking I/O operations. In this session, we will look at the basics of the Ballerina programs, and how to write microservices quickly, how automatic observability works in Ballerina, and also built-in deployment options such as Docker/Kubernetes/AWS Lambda.

Ballerina in real world use-case - OSU (Glenn & Jim) (40 min)

API Management with Service Mesh - Lakmal (40 min)

Abstract: In a world of disaggregated API-based architectures, developers are increasingly adopting microservices — and Service Mesh is being used to control many service-to-service communications. But Service Mesh is not addressing the concern of how the exploding number of APIs can be exposed in a controlled and secure manner to their API consumers.

In this meetup, we will discuss how to augment service mesh functionality with API management capabilities, so you can create an end-to-end solution for your entire business functionality — from microservices to APIs, to end-user applications.



Microservices/Integration Developers, Architects

- Ballerina installation: https://ballerina.io/
- Docker and Kubernetes: Docker for Mac with Kubernetes or Docker and Minikube https://docs.docker.com/v17.12/docker-for-mac/install/, https://kubernetes.io/docs/setup/minikube/
- VSCode: https://code.visualstudio.com/
- cUrl: https://curl.haxx.se/


Lakmal Warasawithana

Lakmal Warusawithana is the Senior Director - Cloud Architecture of WSO2. Lakmal has a long history of working in open source, cloud, and DevOps technologies and has been Vice President of Apache Stratos PaaS Project. Lakmal is an architect for containerization and deployment orchestration of Ballerina, a cloud-native open-source programming language. Lakmal has also presented at numerous events, including ApacheCon, CloudOpen, QCon, JaxLondon, Cloud Expo, Cloudstack Collaboration Conference, WSO2Con, KubeCon, ContainerCamp, DeveloperWeek, and many tech meetups.

Anjana Fernando

Anjana is a Director at WSO2 Inc., currently working on Ecosystem Engineering for Ballerina. He has been a core developer of the Ballerina earlier and continues to contribute to its features. He also has experience in data analytics and enterprise integration.

Glenn E. Donaldson Jr., The Ohio State University

Glenn, the Dir. of App. Architecture in the CIO’s office at The Ohio State University, and he is also the chief integration evangelist & leader for Integration Architecture/Platform movement, which includes his team serving as University’s “ISET” and leading a cross-disciplined DevOps team that implemented & maintains the university's Enterprise Integration Platform [EIP]; For the past 25+ years, Glenn has held various technical/leadership roles at the university where he has led or been involved in some of the university's most impactful/influential efforts.

James (Jim) Kittle, The Ohio State University