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Christmas at the Silos/Waco Breweries/museums/KSU 8:30 Bucees

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Bruce Wayne L. and Sharon Bennett L.
Christmas at the Silos/Waco Breweries/museums/KSU 8:30 Bucees


This ride is great for Guys and Gals
We will have several offers all in a co- location
Batman will lead a brewery/museum day ride and Sharon will lead a Magnolia, etc shopping day ride. We will meet up for lunch.
Day Trip One:
Day Trip Two:

Tx Sports Hall of Fame,
Harley Davidson Xmas Fest,
Bare arms Brewing,
Dr Pepper Museum,
Brotherhood Brewing,
Waco Mammoth Site
Tate and Co Distillery,
The Finders
Spice Village
Magnolia Market
Waco Farmers Market
Waco McClane Stadium
Brotherwell Brewery
Backyard Bar Stage and Grill

Let's do a weekend ride to Waco for some fun Christmas shopping and visiting some of the awesome museums!
Will be visiting the Magnolia Market by Chip and Joanna Gaines. This place is fabulous during the holidays.
You must make your hotel reservations ASAP as this is a highly sought after destination during this time of year.
Please call Holiday Inn, 1801 Development Blvd, 254-799-9997
or any hotel you desire.
Cancellation is by 25 Nov 22 before 3 pm.
They do have a few suites that can be shared.

Video from last year,vid:PPU4Vf5AQuc,st:0

Comal River Riders Club
Comal River Riders Club
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601 Webster Ave · Waco, TX
14 spots left