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IMPROV FOR LIFE (via Zoom) --- Monthly Workshop Series!

Come join us in a safe, non-judgmental space where you can have fun, be silly, but also build essential improv skills like listening, acceptance, creativity and collaboration. You're guaranteed to laugh, make friends, have fun, and reduce stress. Our workshops also build confidence, communication skills, teamwork and trust, all while social distancing!

If you’re new to improv, don’t be afraid to join us --- stepping outside of your comfort zone can be very liberating and empowering! Using Zoom, we'll participate in group games and exercises and will also work on character and scene development in later workshops (if you stay with it).

All are welcome to join us for the FREE, INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP. To join us, please REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT and CLICK ON THE LINK listed in the event location, the day of the workshop. Use of a desktop or laptop is highly recommended for this MeetUp.

With sufficient interest, we'll run a MONTHLY SERIES (4 - 5 weekly, 1.5 hour workshops, via Zoom) for less than $10 per workshop. Questions? Please email Nancy, Co-Organizer, through this MeetUp site.

All workshops are led by Nancy Follis, Ed.M. who has performed improv for public, private and corporate events including Gotham City Improv in NYC. She has also run workshops for individuals and groups for over a decade. Her mission is to help spread joy and creativity while building community and stronger connections through improv training. She truly hope you'll join us!!!

Photo of Fairfield County / Metro NYC Improv Comedy group
Fairfield County / Metro NYC Improv Comedy
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