Dharma Talk & Book Reading w/ Jane Reeves


Join international retreat leader, author, teacher of Loving
Kindness, and yoga mentor - ​Jane Reeves​ - for an afternoon discussion on Loving Kindness. Jane will read from her book

A Heart of Gold: Lessons on the Path of Loving Kindness​ and talk about how she uses ​Loving Kindness to both increase her own happiness and bring happiness to others.

Over the past three decades, Jane has been seeking authentic ways to develop a practice that brings more light, love, and joy into the world. Jane helps people dive deep into the practices of Loving Kindness, applying ancient and modern techniques to encourage spirit work, life design, and meeting wellness aspirations. She helps people to listen to their heart’s desires and to embody the path they are on in the present moment.
Jane Reeves is the founder of Radiant Jane Retreats and has led over 70 retreats worldwide. She and her team now lead retreats to Italy where guests experience rich restoration through the culture of Italy, Tuscany, art, history, cuisine, connection, joy and meditation while being surrounded by beauty. Jane also leads retreats throughout the U.S. Jane had her own yoga studio for 30 years and has gradually transitioned toward her current role as retreat producer, holistic life guide, and Loving Kindness teacher.

Her first book, ​A Heart of Gold​ is an inspiring guide into the practice of Loving Kindness. For anyone who is discouraged by a culture that focuses on scarcity and being busy, Jane offers within these pages a more generous way to live. She opens up a different way of being in the world, a method that is steeped in the practice of Loving Kindness.

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