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Crestline Connect Networking and Community Meeting
This is not a womens group. Everyone is welcome! Come early to get a seat at the round table. Attendance is usually between 25 to 30 people. We start on time and end on time. Networking continues after the meeting and is always welcome. Join us weekly for a fun, informative and interactive community meeting. The meeting starts out with everyone at the table going around one by one announcing their own name and business nature and some news or specials. Sometimes we have a featured speaker give us a short update or news about our community but most of the time everyone shares equally and passes around business cards or flyers. Come to share your business or just come to get info and news about current events and happenings in the San Bernardino Mountain Communities. This group meeting is separate from the Lake Arrowhead Women's Club, and is not a part of the Crest Forest Women's Club. Everyone is welcome. Attendance to this meeting is open to everyone, men and women and we have representatives from all over the mountain. Mike and Susan Neufeld are the founders and organizers of this meeting from ROTW News. No membership is required. Free weekly meetings.

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This is a community bulletin board for all local groups and clubs of the San Bernardino Mountain Communities from Crestline to Lake Arrowhead. For anthropology events, fundraising, political and just plain fun events. Please feel free to add events and become an event organizer, ask me how and I will get you started.

Including the Lake Arrowhead Women's Club who get together for lunch once per month to plan how we can be involved in our local community, charitable giving, volunteering and fundraisers. Every month we have a different fun new theme and we have a featured speaker to keep us informed and connected with current local events.

We are about being involved and supportive to our local mountain communities. The only requirement to join our Womens club group is that you have a local mountain address but it does not need to be full time. Be our guest at our next luncheon on this calendar and get to know us. To join the Lake Arrowhead Women's Club, the cost to join is 35.00 per year.

The Crestline Connect weekly meetings are not a part of the Women's Clubs of Lake Arrowhead The Crestline Connect is a free and fun co-ed group of people that meets weekly for business networking and to share local community events information. And it is a Free group. Join by default by attending our weekly meetings.

Each event posted on this community board is individual and is not connected with each other. Research each club and group at your own risk and decide for yourself how you want to be involved and connected if you want to.

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