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What we’re about

- Would you like to talk to your spouse, adult children, grandchildren or friends about aging related concerns, but don’t feel heard and understood?

- Are you facing challenging conversations and difficult decisions about your or your loved ones’ future that bring up strong and often uncomfortable emotions?

- Or are you helping older family members or friends navigate the challenges of aging and find it difficult to communicate and reach agreements about their plans for the future?

- Or maybe you are a family or professional caregiver for older adults and would like to support them during difficult discussions and decisions?

If you said "yes" to any of these questions, join "Compassionate Communication for AGING IN HARMONY" and become part of a community that helps each other have difficult conversations on the journey of aging. During our participatory workshops (online and in-person), you can learn how to effectively engage in heart to heart conversations about the challenges of aging. In small group exercises and role plays, you can practice Compassionate Communication using examples from your own life. In the process, you'll connect with others facing similar struggles as yourself and can find "practice buddies", so you can use the time between our workshops to try out what you've learned and deepen your new skills.