The Power of Storytelling- "manifesting stories"

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Shannon M. Turner is the Founder/Creative Director of StoryMuse, which provides unique strategies for personal, business, organizational, and community development through reality storytelling & theatre techniques–everywhere it is needed. Shannon serves as an independent consultant who conducts workshops and provides coaching to individuals and organizations seeking to use true, personal stories for transformative potential. She has two decades of professional experience and an MFA from Virginia Tech. Read more at

In this session, Shannon will encourage us to embrace the spirit of Janus, the Greek god with two heads, looking forward and backward, whose name inspired January. Shannon will briefly introduce how to tell a good story, talk about the power of storytelling and how it can shape our realities and choice-making, and ultimately lead us through an exercise on "manifesting stories." Based on all we've discussed, we will pick one goal for the year and practice telling that story as if it were already true as a method for manifesting it into being.