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Root Medicine, for me, is so many things. It's our pelvic bowls, the center of our emotional, pleasured, and feminine lives, are you connected to this space on the daily? It's our legs and ground we stand on, are you standing like you belong? It's our past, are you running from yours or embracing it for all its pain and shame? It's the noise that runs in the background, the patriarchy behind the curtain, that we've internalized and have allowed to control and dictate our experiences in our own bodes, do you feel it and are you ready to excise that shit for good? I could go on and on, it's the moon, the earth, and our ancestors (the mother wound, the father wound, trans-generational trauma). Most importantly, its nourishment.

Root Medicine for the Feminine is simply a product of the healing journey I have been on for many years. Its meant to be a safe place for candid discussions, a sharing of practices that heal, and a place we can access community with other women.

If you're called to receive this nourishment during the fall and winter months, so your roots feel supported from spring through summer and until your return, then come join me.

Here's the deal, I'm a full-time working mother of two and don't have time 365 days out of the year to manage this group actively. Thus, from mid-March to mid-September, this group goes dark. Those fall and winter months, when we shed our leaves and retreat, that's the messy middle, that's our time to digest and integrate all that we've just lived. It's when we reflect, restore, transform, and heal. And that's the stuff I want to help facilitate in your lives. I won't mince words, it's the shit I'm good at and was born to do.

So many have asked when am I starting up again? It's coming, October 2018. Click through to join the Facebook Group (, if you aren't interested in the truth, please turn around. If you are afraid or get triggered, when people call you out on your patterns, your excuses, your resistance, your ego, your programming, don't click through.

If that intrigues you however and you want to dismantle the illusions you've been living under, talk truth in the face of our very own lies and meet other women that are tired of just making small talk, get your butt out of that seat and join us.

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