Theta Healing DNA1 Basic Training - with Karolina Koza


This 3 days course is your introduction into the Theta Healing modality.

The Theta Healing DNA1 Basic course of the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge (THInK) gives you insight into this amazing method of healing and self development.
Did you know you have magical abilities that are dormant within you and waiting to be awakened?

If you would love to accelerate or awaken your psychic abilities.
o Dissolve your internal barriers to a successful career.
o Open the floodgates to the abundance that you may have been unconsciously blocking.

You are lovingly invited to attend BASIC DNA 1 course.

You will learn how to:
☆ Let go of making everything your fault
☆ Open your heart to new love
☆ Delve into the enchantment of the spiritual realm
☆ Develop self-confidence
☆ Take a journey within to meet the human body
☆ Communicate with your guardian angels and guides

How can you tell if this workshop is for you?

☆ You are a healing practitioner and want to expand your skill set to serve your clients even better than you are right now
☆ You have taken some workshops around changing your life but nothing has changed
☆ You are paying practitioners to heal you but you would actually love to learn how to do it yourself
☆ If you feel the call to become a healer, A Theta Healing course will put you on the road to opening a practice using a powerful technique that has helped millions of people around the world

The Theta Healing DNA1 Basic course of the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge (THInK) gives you insight into this amazing method of healing and self development.

It is based on a meditation that takes you into the Theta State when your Theta brain waves are activated giving you access to your subconscious. You will learn how to change the belief systems that no longer serve you and replace them with positive reinforcements called downloads.
You will learn how to work with the universal energy of creation, the unconditional love, to achieve your goals and desires and get a clear vision about the world we live in.


6pm - 9pm Friday
10am - 6pm Saturday & Sunday

Early Bird Price: £250 if you pay a non-refundable deposit of £50 before the 1st Aug.

Price: £340 after 1st August

For any further enquiries please contact Karolina over the phone no:[masked]

Price includes lunch on both Saturday and Sunday, teas and coffee throughout the course. Do bring healthy snacks to share.

BOOKING - please get in touch with Karolina via:

Email: [masked]
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Karolina Koza is a Certified Instructor (

Her Story:

" I heard about Theta Healing 2 years ago from a friend who told me about miraculous healings. My son has a hearing impairment and I blamed myself all my life as it started in his childhood when we had frequent loud arguments with his father that ended in divorce. I thought: If there is a method that can heal him, I want to learn that. So I did and since then his hearing has started to improve. He has been tested by the doctors and his results have improved in two consecutive examinations after 15 years of slow deterioration.

I started training and have continued to attend as many Theta Healing courses as possible over the last couple of years and my goal is to become a Theta Healing Master.

I am a teacher, I train nursery practitioners and support workers who work with Special Needs children and looked after children - so it was natural for me to become an official Theta Healing instructor. My goal is to introduce this amazing method to people who can benefit from it and want to help others. I teach the method currently in Austria and London, from June 2017 I will also be teaching in Hungary and in Serbia."

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