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What we’re about

Join growth-oriented women* who love women, or want to, for deep learning, connection and conscious exploration in the worlds of lesbian/queer dating, relationships and sex!

This group is part of the Conscious Girlfriend Academy, the leading resource providing education, community and transformation to lesbians and queer women from all over the world. Do you want to find a deeply fulfilling, happy, healthy relationship, or keep your current relationship strong? Do you want more opportunities to connect with like-minded women? Do check out our offerings at the Academy!,

Recent classes include:

  • Sacred Lesbian/Queer Sexuality
  • Five Keys to Finding -- And Being -- the Right Partner
  • Fully Receiving, Appropriately Giving
  • Rewriting Your Relationship Scripts
  • Understanding and Embracing Your Erotic Self
  • Lesbian Dating Deep Dive
  • Find True Love Online
  • Write A Great Online Dating Profile
  • Breakup Recovery: How to Finally Heal and Move On
  • Roadmap to Conscious Lesbian Dating & Lasting Love
  • Emotional Self-Awareness
  • Clean Speech, Clean Listening: Lesbian Communication That Really Works
  • Secrets of Great Oral Sex
  • Anatomy of a Lesbian Relationship: Why Heartbreak Happens (and How to Prevent It)
  • Healing Push-Pull Relationship Dynamics

...and much more!

We welcome self-identified women who love women, or want to. Non-binary folx who love women are also welcome. Out for decades, newly exploring your attraction to women, a "gold star" lesbian, or queer, bi or pansexual? You'll meet friends and community here. Many of our members are in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond. It's never too late for happy, healthy lesbian love and deeply fulfilling sex! It's also never too early :)

Our classes are based on cutting-edge neuroscience, psychology and relationship research. Our community is warm, welcoming and compassionate. We're here to help you have the love and sex life you truly want.

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