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It took 25 years for the Mayan prophecy of destruction by Cortez to be fulfilled. What happened in December 2012? Can you see the changes from the latest new cycle around us?

WE are planning a follow up to our well-attended meeting on the Mayan Prophecies with the addition of slides of Yucatan and Guatemala and the history of the spiritual efforts at enlightenment in the West which began with Tsong Khapa and continued through the Renaissance, Enlightenment , Free Masonry, Deism, and Theosophy; culminating in New Age groups and Noetic Sciences of our times.

Garrett Riegg, J.D., will be lecturing along with Eddie Gonzales and perhaps others.

The Mayan culture was greatly advanced in astronomy, engineering, and governance when Europe was in the Dark Ages. Their calendars are amazingly long --like the 25,000 year precession of the equinoxes. Their sense of time and repeating cycles was modern and spiritual in many fascinating ways.

Come listen to the wisdom of the ancient shamans and help decipher their prophecies and predictions.

This meeting will be officially sponsored by the Theosophical Society in Oakland. No admission fee but donations are welcome. Free meter parking on Sundays.