What we're about

You create your reality. You've heard it and maybe believe it. Some of us are going beyond belief into reality.

Energy Healer, Andy Sway has led small groups of private healing clients through this process of empowerment for over four years and is now giving an opportunity to the wider public to develop a deeper level of proficiency in Conscious Manifestation.

It is the intention of the group that this will be a place to actualize our divine potential.

If you have been inspired by books such as The Secret, the Abraham-Hicks series, Conversations with God or others of this type, these meetings will go into a place where we really retrain ourselves to embody the mastery we are meant to have over our lives.

Being a member of this group is a powerful statement of intent that we can make to the universe. Only join if you want to empower yourself and break free of the limitations imposed by society and your own conditioning.

Becoming a Conscious Manifestor means reclaiming the power and magic you lost in childhood. It may also mean needing to heal some of the wounds that happened at that time. The Brave and Passionate embody their authenticity and create.

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