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There are times when Life seeks to live through us in ways which may be at odds with our personal wishes or plans. Disruption by disease or other health challenges, relationship struggles at home and work, accidents and crises, and their accompanying pain and suffering, offer a profound opportunity to begin a journey of Self-discovery, Soul-discovery, deeper meaning and authentic healing.

Through consciousness work, dream work and engaging shadow material we begin to explore the patterns and processes which serve our individual and collective development. This is life transforming work and not well suited for those who seek to live only in surface level consciousness. Let’s walk together as we journey to the depths of our souls.

Our work includes...

•Consciousness work (exploring individual and collective states of awareness)

•Soul work (engaging and communing with Soul as messenger of Spirit)

•Meditation (mindfulness, mindlessness, Heart Center)

•Dreamwork (aka dream interpretation, dream translation)

•Shadow work (bringing unconsciousness material to consciousness)

•Body/Disease symbology (identifying and understanding how disease serves)

•Energy Healing (Sacred Touch and transmission of body energies)

•The Oracles: (I Ching, Tarot, Runes)

•Biofeedback (HeartMath)

And draws upon the wisdom of Teachers including...

W. Brugh Joy, Carolyn Conger, Eckhart Tolle, Rosalyn Bruyere, Mietek Wirkus, Carl Jung, Edward Edinger, James Hollis, Robert Johnson, Edward Whitmont, James Hillman, Laurence Hillman, Thorwald Dethlefsen, Sylvia Brinton Perera, Thaddeus Golas, Byron Katie, Clara Pinkola Estes, Bella Karish, Harvey Grady, J. Marvin Spiegelman, Bruce Lipton, Thomas Moore, Adolph Guggenbühl-Craig, Marie-Louise vonFranz, Hal Stone, Sidra Winkelman and, yes...others!

Our group does not market or sell any products whatsoever.

Jon McIntosh is a teacher and guide of heart-centered transformation and healing, spiritual awakening and discovery of the authentic Self. In support of these journeys his residential and online coursework offerings include mindfulness and heart center meditation, dream work (interpretation and translation), shadow work (engaging and integrating the unconscious), oracular work (Tarot, I Ching, Runes), ritual and healing energies transferred through the hands (sacred touch). Individual sessions are available for those who are called to this life renovating work.

For more information, please visit jonmcintosh.com, email me at jon@jonmcintosh.com or call me at 970-292-6820.

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Adventures in Consciousness: Mindfulness, Meditation and More! (Free)

Tranquil Health Massage & Wellness Center

By giving your full attention to this moment, an intelligence far greater than the egoic mind enters your Life – Eckhart Tolle It's been a little less than a year since I attended your workshop and my life has deepened in ways I never imagined. You deeply touch people in ways I don't think you realize. - Tanzina Best short workshop ever! Thank you for offering this locally. - Jess R. In just 2 hours, your mindfulness workshop opened me to more than my full-day workshop at a famous mindfulness training center in California, and at a fraction of the price. Thank you Jon. - Marjorie W. Mindfulness meditation offers the opportunity of bringing attention to present experience, wondrously deepening those experiences and moving through the mind’s entanglements with past and future. A mindful approach, as initiated by mindfulness meditation practice, renovates and renews our day-to-day experiences and provides benefits which include stress and anxiety reduction and profound en-joy-ment. Mindlessness meditation offers the opportunity of moving through all of the mind’s entanglements, of letting go of all that is noticed in order to connect with the deeper Self and Soul. Mindlessness meditation practice inducts us into a peace beyond all understanding, of the experience of essential Being. We will explore both mindfulness and mindlessness meditation with both instruction and meditative experiences. We will also learn about Transcendental Meditation®, guided meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Sum Faht Meditation and Heart Center Meditation as originated by W. Brugh Joy, MD. The practice of entering any type of meditation supports changing states of consciousness, an essential skill in learning to disidentify from our problems and accompanying anxiety in order to connect more deeply. Meditation helps us learn how to be profoundly receptive and in accord with all that is, to be set free from the control, criticism and judgment attributes of ego. No prerequisite necessary. Beginning meditators and mindfulness practitioners encouraged to attend! Tranquil Wellness Center is located on the second floor of the Crystal Gardens Office Building which is just west (behind) the Red Lobster Restaurant. Enter the easternmost entrance of office building via the outside staircase next to the first floor bookstore to the second floor. Enter the door and follow the hallway to the right to the conference room. There will be signs to guide you.

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