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Consciousness Discussion Group

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Consciousness Discussion Group is a positive topical open discussion forum where individuals come together and share ideas about how to live more conscious and aware.

We cover conscious-living topics, spiritual and self-awareness practices, discussions, personal development exercises, lectures, presentations, meditations, and connecting deeply with self and/or others.

If you attend, plan to hear many different philosophies, beliefs, ideas, practices, and ways of living. We agree that coming together, respectfully sharing with one another, actively listening, exploring different ways of thinking outside of our own paradigm, and exploring ourselves leads to expansive awareness and a more fulfilling and enlightened way of being with ourselves, others, and our world.

Our group is a very diverse and free-thinking gathering of individuals. Each person adds their own insight and awareness to the mix. Not everyone here vibrates at the same frequency. We're all different notes that create a magnificent harmony.

Feel free to join us, listen, share and take away whatever insight you find useful.

If you'd like to take notes please remember to bring a pen/pencil and notebook. Those who have had the most success with this group tend to have an assigned notebook that they bring with them each time they attend.

We ask a $5.00+ minimum. Please offer what you can as it greatly helps pay for the space, the time your facilitator dedicates to planning and organizing these groups and future events.

Call or contact if you have any questions: (253) 320-0764 or

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