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Energy Healing Group

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Energy Healing is for Everyone!

Natural high energy science based healing technique that requires no touch. This technique is a hands free form of energy healing. This means that anyone can practice, anywhere.

This incredible modality heeds remarkable effects.

Group begins at 7:00pm with a Guided Meditation led by a group facilitator and then moves into the energy healing portion of the


Individuals from many different backgrounds, creeds, spiritual practices, and belief systems join us. This is not spiritual healing but for some the experience is explained in a very spiritual way. This group is strictly about energy healing and this modality is science based.

Active Participants of this group eventually learn how to sense, feel,

and see subtle energy. The more practice one has with tuning into subtle energetic fields the more sensitive one becomes to these subtle energies.

For a physical body to remain healthy, balanced and well it's energy needs to be kept clear and flowing. If a physical body does not have energy flowing effectively the individual who the body belongs to will eventually experience physical signs of dysfunction, illness, or regression on some level.

Energy can be sensed, felt and seen before it ever becomes dense enough to manifest on a physical level. Trained Energy Healing Practitioners know how to effectively work with energy before it has a chance to get to where it might cause a physical challenge of any kind.

Our Facilitators believe Energy Healing is an essential part of the overall wellness of human survival.

Visit this group to receive an energy healing and learn some powerful techniques that will help you stay more energetically healthy and well.


$10.00 Participation

(Our group is located in an upstairs location. If you have trouble with stairs please let us know so we can have a healer come down to assist you.)

For more info to request accommodations, or to inquire about this group (253)[masked] or email [masked]

Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after any form of energy healing.

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