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"The Consciousness Crew" Consciousness Discussion Group

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Consciousness Group

Facilitated Open Discussion Group with periodic Special Guest Speakers and Presentations on Consciousness Expanding Topics.

This open gathering full of individuals with many different beliefs, creeds and backgrounds is not only mindfully stimulating, it's just plain fun!!!

We enjoy connecting with other "outside the box" thinkers. Our ultimate goal is to openly be able to share ourselves and ideas with one another in a "Think Tank" type of atmosphere.

This is the place where ideas, interests and discussions are objective. We are in total support of the journey of each other. Our topics are intended both to support the individual and the group along their own individual, chosen paths.

We gather to expand consciousness through the process of "free thinking," sharing ideas, exercises, self exploration, and objectivity.

Meet intelligent, fun, inspired individuals... This is a great place to be.

We are thinkers, seekers, explorers and understanders. We ask the question "why?"

Here you will find an open and loving community. We want you to be yourself and think like you. Your ideas, inspirations and insight adds to the whole. This is the place for support and meeting life-long friends. Share your journey with others who are consciously working on their own path. Life often brings us to a place within ourselves where we sometimes feel totally connected and completely separate from others- all at the same time.

This remarkable community is in place for YOU to explore yourself at your own pace, in your own way, so that you don't have to feel alone anymore.

Each individual serves an incredible purpose and every person ispart of why earth is the way it is. If everyone is supported in expressing as their "true self" lives run smoothly and as a whole, people just start feeling better about who they are and how they live. When we gather we get to experience a taste of what this looks and feels like in action.

Individuals who attend this event show true compassion for one another. No matter what belief(s) one holds, you will be respected here.

By attending, you agree that you will respect and honor others and their beliefs.

This is a safe place to openly share your authentic self with others and be "the real you." .

"Different, Unique, Obscure, Non-Traditional" is normal here. We think differently, together. That's part of what makes this group so cool. Listen to many different perspectives, ideas, ways of thinking, seeing, experiencing, and exploring things while sharing yourself with this amazing group."

Please keep in mind: Every gathering is very different, never the same twice. Experiences will vary. Many of our attendees are highly sensitive individuals. Harsh perfumes or scents may smell great to you but others may be allergic. If you bring a snack to share instead of a monetary contribution (which is always welcomed,) healthy choices are super!

If word sensitivities are a problem, you may not like some things people in this group will be sharing. We are oftentimes not "politically correct."

We follow the golden rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated and Leave all ego at the door.

This is a safe place to be you, your true self and practice allowing yourself to shine.

A $5.00+ or more monetary contribution and/or a community snack to share is welcome compensation for this grand opportunity to connect with exceptional people.
Always feel free to share any monetary amount you feel this gathering is worth to you... If this is where you are spiritually/soulfully fed, please take this into consideration when contributing.
Give Big. Receive BIG!
Test it for yourself.