What we're about

The Mission of this Group is Discuss and Learn BEST PRACTICES in the critical skill of how to communicate clearly, confidently, and with emotional intelligence in a work environment. How to be on the right side of the #MeToo movement. How not to "the un-intintentional creep" and know how to be a true ALLY.

The Ground has shifted underneath you. What might have been tolerated before, now you're being fired and prosecuted. There's a no tolerance policy in the work place today and today AND there are no more excuses.

There's a new paradigm and you gotta get with it or you become as irrelevant as a graphic designer who doesn't do digital work or an asssitant that isnt literate in Excel and Powerpoint.

Join this Group if you want too:

1) Be the person who MODEL's great communication by learning cutting edge communication skills that are easy and effective and essential for todays work environment

2) Have more confidence in you daily interactions and learn critical relevant leadership skills that unfortunately are not taught even in the "best" B Schools.

Guys- if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. This is a not a women's issue, but actually it's a men's issue. We have to get better tools. We have to hold each other accountable and talk to each other.

Most Men want to have better relationships AND need to do some very simple reframing (that doesn't take yrs of therapy etc) It is easier then you think.

This is the time to make an impact in disrupting and changing your thinking and learn the important emotional intelligence skills.

This group will hold quarterly gatherings in NYC with Special Guest speakers as well as Monthly Webinar discussions - each with a specific actionable goal.

https://goodmenprojec... (https://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/how-not-to-be-a-perpetrator-at-work-in-a-post-weinstein-world-wcz/) is an article I wrote discussing these themes.

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