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Join other members of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy ( for lunch and "secret planning" at Sweet Tomatoes Buffet, 2820 Highland Ave., in Lombard. Sweet Tomatoes is on the NW corner of Butterfield and Highland, but you can only enter from Highland. Go west at the traffic light by Rock Bottom Restaurant. Lunch costs about $12.00 (Watch for coupons in the mail or on http://www.souplantat... ( ).

Meet near the entrance to be seated together at 11:30. PLEASE BE ON TIME—this place can get crowded for lunch and if you're late we may not have a seat for you. If you are late, ask for the Conservatives Lunch Meet-Up group. RSVPs appreciated. Bring a conservative friend!


DRAWINGS this month!

A Milton Friedman ( Two-fer! Win a copy of Free to Choose: A Personal Statement (, the classic inquiry into the relationship between freedom and economics by Milton and Rose Friedman. Also a copy of Friedman's pamphlet Why Government Is the Problem ( Entertaining multi-part video of Milton Friedman on the Phil Donahue Show ( from 1979.

We'll have a drawing for a copy of former Lunch Regular Bob Hall ('s latest book: The Old Jarhead's Journal: Random Thoughts on Life, Liberty, and Leadership (

We'll also choose a winner for a music CD ( by Lunch Regular Bill Ward.



Bring one or two of your own books to give away or trade with other members. I'll collect any that don't get chosen for future book swaps.

DON’T FORGET------11:30 A.M., NOT NOON!

Allow some time if you're not familiar with Sweet Tomatoes location--it's a little tricky. From the light on Highland by the Rock Bottom Restaurant (NE corner), turn west and then take the first left again to get to the parking lot. See you there!