What we're about

We have a to talk about…

..but the conversations we’ve been having lately aren’t taking us anywhere.

We all have important perspectives to share, but it’s challenging to get anyone attention. And even when we do, our message is distorted by the baggage we’re all bringing to the table.

We need a wider context to help us see the bigger picture and understand the issues that affect us in more depth.

When we come together to share our diverse viewpoints within a larger context we can begin to see the interconnectedness of the issues we face and get to heart of things.

If you’re desiring more wise, open-minded, curious, real and in-depth conversations about issues that matter than you're in the right place!

Come to share or just listen...

For now we will meet virtually. Our first meeting is Monday, November 23rd at 7:30pm. Please RSVP to get the zoom link.

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