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The Copenhagen IPFS Meetup is all about meeting other like-minded enthusiasts of the InterPlanetary File System ( http://ipfs.io ) and create a local (IRL) network around this and related technologies.

The meetups are for everyone curious or excited about P2P, Cryptography, Internet infrastructure and specifically the IPFS protocol. The meetups will be a forum where members can present, discuss and organize the development of new and future projects based on IPFS.

To learn more about IPFS have a look at The Decentralized Web Primer: https://dweb-primer.ipfs.io

IPFS discussions happen on discuss.ipfs.io (at least until we have a decentralized alternative)

We also have a channel on Orbit (ipfs-backed chatroom): #cph-ipfs (experimental)

Stay up to date on IPFS news and events by signing up for the IPFS Weekly Newsletter here (https://ipfs.us4.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=25473244c7d18b897f5a1ff6b&id=cad54b2230) and by subscribing to the IPFS channel on YouTube. (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdjsUXJ3QawK4O5L1kqqsew)


Upcoming events (1)

IPFS Community Meetup, May 2021

Online event

The IPFS Monthly meetup is back! Plan on hanging out with us on the fourth Tuesday of each month in 2021. Mark your calendars now, and stay tuned for upcoming details on our featured speakers. Also, if you have an idea for a lightning talk, now would be a great time to reach out!

Registration is REQUIRED to attend, so please register at

Want to give a lightning talk or presentation at a future IPFS Meetup? Fill out this form: https://protocollabs.typeform.com/to/hLGfKhxn

Participation in this event requires that you abide by the IPFS Community Code of Conduct, which you can read in full here: https://github.com/ipfs/community/blob/master/code-of-conduct.md

We believe that our mission is best served in an environment that is friendly, safe, and accepting, and free from intimidation or harassment. Towards this end, certain behaviors and practices will not be tolerated. We're here to help: [masked]

Past events (27)

IPFS Community Meetup, April 2021

Online event

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