What we're about

The Copenhagen IPFS Meetup is all about meeting other like-minded enthusiasts of the InterPlanetary File System ( http://ipfs.io ) and create a local (IRL) network around this and related technologies.

The meetups are for everyone curious or excited about P2P, Cryptography, Internet infrastructure and specifically the IPFS protocol. The meetups will be a forum where members can present, discuss and organize the development of new and future projects based on IPFS.

To learn more about IPFS have a look at The Decentralized Web Primer: https://dweb-primer.ipfs.io

IPFS discussions happen on discuss.ipfs.io (at least until we have a decentralized alternative)

We also have a channel on Orbit (ipfs-backed chatroom): #cph-ipfs (experimental)

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Bootstrapping IPFS - 2019 edition

Din Nye Ven

Spring Meetup

Din Nye Ven

State of IPFS

Din Nye Ven

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