What we're about

The Core Wellness Meetup is for people interested in conscious lifestyles of health, wellness, and regeneration.

Formerly the Louisville Area Raw Food Meetup, formed by Dr. Steve Hoffman in support of his mother's fight against cancer, the Core Wellness Meetup now focuses on ALL 3 Pillars of Core Wellness...Mindset, Movement, and of course...Nutrition.

Members are typically "non-conformists" who understand the value of conventional medicine for crisis intervention...but believe that true health and regeneration comes from following nature and natural ways.

One of the core beliefs of this group is that immersion in a nurturing environment of thoughts, movement, and nutrition has everything to do with your health, happiness, and ability to express your greatest gifts to the world.

Meetups will be a mix of education on natural health, fitness, and regenerative living with time built in for community building as well. There will also be occasional potlucks.

Here is a short summary of the 3 Pillars of Core Wellness. If you resonate please join us. If not, we respect you and your journey.

The MINDSET Pillar:

This pillar is about taking advantage of the amazing power of neuroplasticity where science has proven that you CAN change the wiring in your brain and take 100% responsibility to change the conditions of your life.

It's about releasing damaging thought patterns ("why is this happening to me?" "Geez...I'm such an idiot." "I can't __________." ) and re-wiring your brain to create a new reality for yourself.

It's also about calming your internal noise using various strategies to induce the "relaxation response" like mindfulness and other meditative methods.

The MOVEMENT Pillar:

This Pillar is all about getting reconnected to your true core and moving with better posture, less pain, and more energy.

Specifically, we focus on how to re-awaken the same "ideal breathing, posture and movement" patterns that you used as a child going from infancy to 4 years old. (ever see a 4 year old with poor posture???)

In essence...it's about re-creating a more youthful posture along with less pain and tension with activities of daily living, hobbies, and sporting activities.


This pillar focuses on food as INFORMATION that literally tells your DNA what to do. It is NOT just about calories in, calories out. Quality matters.

The emphasis is on plant based eating, but not plants only. There is no room for strict dogmatic judgment in this Meetup. We are not raw, vegan, vegetarian, or paleo. We are people doing our best and finding out what works best for our bodies.

Focus is on eating less grain (and things that eat grain), more green (and things that eat green), and most importantly...eating CONSCIOUSLY...i.e. knowing more about where your food came from and sanctifying your meals.

Lastly...we recognize that our SOIL is the lifeblood of our nutrition. Therefore we support the growing movement of regenerative agriculture to revitalize the potency of our food, but even more, the power of regenerative agriculture to reverse climate change through drawing carbon out of our atmosphere and back into the soil.

We are here to save your health and save the world at the same time :-)

Welcome to Core Wellness Institute! I hope to meet you soon.

Dr. Steve



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