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IndieCon - An unconference for independent workers!

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Conquer the challenges of working for yourself.

If you're working for yourself, then chances are you've already got a lot of really great processes in place to manage yourself. Maybe you're Getting Things Done (, or you're Timeboxing (, or you're squishing Pomodoros ( (Maybe you've never heard of any of those handy things. If that's the case, you would definitely benefit from joining for this event!)

Chances are also really good, however, that there are other places you still feel you could do better in. There are some things about working for yourself that just drive you nuts. That's where your fellow peers come in.

We can make the hard parts not so hard, if we band together. On Saturday, September 7th, we'll be gathering to share our best practices and brainstorm ways we can help one another in ways otherwise impossible when we're on our own. By joining forces, we can build support systems that can provide the structure and accountability we need while maintaining the freedom we love.

// What's happening

Everyone who attends will have a chance to speak. This will be an unconference format. If you're not familiar with unconferences, the gist is that the people who come are also the people who speak. If you have something to contribute, step up and share! Each discussion will be 30 minutes, with a lightning round at the end, so you'll have a chance to learn a lot, fast!Learn from all of the sessions. At each session, one person will volunteer to take notes to be shared with the rest of the group at the end of the day. Help build the Greatest Salad Ever. What helps get you and your body into the right state of mind for being expansive and productive? We'll be kicking off with a little collaborative lunch project. Bring an ingredient and help us assemble a big, beautiful salad bar! You can make your own salad from whatever ingredients you like best, and contribute to a big concoction for people to share!

// Share your brilliance

If the idea of stepping up and making your voice heard at a conference is new to you, here are few things to keep in mind about why it could be massively beneficial to you:Are you working on something amazing? Share it.In the middle of a project and stuck? Talk about it.Do you have something to teach small business owners? Go for it.Build your reputation in the community. Reputation = social currency.

// Schedule


• Arrive. Assemble the Greatest Salad Ever.


• Opening remarks. Kickoff.

• Opening of the Unconference Board for open submission of topics

• Quick round of pitches from each person leading a session


• First round of discussions (topics to be set by the attendees!)


• Second round of discussions (topics to be set by the attendees!)


• Third round of discussions (topics to be set by the attendees!)


• Short break


• Reconvene the whole group to discuss what we learned.

• Notetakers from each discussion will share a summary of what was discussed and make room for questions from the group.

• Lightning round - quick presentations of favorite tips and tricks!

• Closing thoughts


• Wrap up & setup for afterparty

(Can't make it for the whole event? It's okay to stop in for part of it if you'd like!)

// Proposed discussion topics & activities

These are a few of the potential subjects we can cover. Propose a topic!How to manage for your creative cycle

• Have you ever tried to force yourself to be creative but felt like your body was fighting against you? Your energy levels affect what kind of work you could or should be doing at any given moment. In this discussion, we'll talk about how to plan for this and work through the natural ups and downs.

• Share your planner. How do you plan out your week? Do you use a special notebook? Have you created your own system? Show and tell!

• How to avoid aches and pains while working - Doug Alexander, a specialist in nerve compression and irritation syndromes will show you the anatomical, biomechanical and psychological keys to being more comfo - table at work and play. (Check out his practice here (!)

• Sex, bullshit & marketing yourself - Let's spend some time talking about why selling our work, our services and ourselves is such a challenge for so many of us and we can share some of our personal successes and failures. I'll share a bit about why thinking about sex and dating can make you a better (non-douche-baggy) salesperson. (proposed by Jeff Namnum (

// What you will come away with

You'll have learned some handy new techniquesYou'll have learned how to improve your own techniques by sharing them with others and getting their feedbackYou'll have access to the notes and conversations from the event, so you can continue to benefit from them after the factYou'll have connected awesome people with whom you share things in common that you might never have thought you'd find before // In the weeks following the gathering Know what sucks about getting together for an event? When you build up all kinds of excitement and momentum and then Monday comes and it all dissipates as the "real world" takes hold again. We'll be discussing ways we can keep things rolling long after the event is over.

This is part of a larger conversation which will be taking place over the course of the fall. Stay tuned!

// If you can only come for part of the event

That's OK! This is the kind of event you can drop in on early or late. It's best if you can make the whole thing, but if you have other obligations, you can still join!