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Meet Nicolaj H. Nielsen, Michael Harly and Klaus Phanareth

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Details Protecting online banking - without annoying the customers!​

Making an online transaction secure is not hard, but the resulting security features are often just very inconvinient for the end-users.

CodeSealer is different - we secure online transactions (e-commerce, e-banking etc) without annoying the customers, due to our patented and proprietary approach.

Nicolaj H. Nielsen, Co-founder and CEO of CodeSealer will explain about CodeSealer, our customers and business model and how we are becoming a major player in the online security market.’s Nest,
Smartphone with an Attitude

Why do we want to get into the smartphone business? Is it really a good idea?

We just want to make smartphone the way users want and not how the tele company's and smartphones manufacturer want.

Michael Harly will discuss the problems about smartphone and in particular Android smartphone, the company business model and how they aim to capture the market (and emerging markets)."Ted Talk" speaker Klaus Phanareth talks about health care information

Klaus Phanareth has created a movement in which he wants to liberate health care information so you as the patient can get 100x better medical treatment at the same cost to the taxpayer by using technology intelligently.

Come and hear about how Epital is setting about doing this!

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