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(Fun)ctional C++ and the M-word

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Phil N. and 3 others
(Fun)ctional C++ and the M-word


After a few months break we're back to round out the year with Gašper Ažman - putting the Fun into Functional programming (allegedly). We also have a shorter talk from Antony Peacock on Vocabulary Types for Composite Class Design.

A big thanks to Ripple, who are hosting us again this month and will also be providing free food and drink. Thanks Ripple!

Note that, as as usual now, we'll need your full name for the door list and you should bring matching ID. We'll ask for the name when you register. This data will only be used for the door list and not published anywhere.

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Here's the full schedule (subject to change):

19:00 "Intro and News" - Phil Nash

19:05 "A word from our hosts" - Ripple

19:10 "An Update on Vocabulary Types for Composite Class Design" - Antony Peacock

19:25 Pizza break

19:45 "(Fun)ctional C++ and the M-word"- Gašper Ažman

C++ is a multi-paradigm language. Procedural programming and object-oriented programming are very well supported, and as of C++23 there is decent support for generic programming. The functional programming paradigm, however, is only getting love recently.

21:00+ conclusion

About the speakers:

Gašper is the Chief Ecosystem Engineer at Citadel Securities, where he takes care of pollinators, flowers, and the code-biome.

Antony is a C++ software engineer with experience in video games, quantitative finance, and the low-latency trading domain.

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