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Hello, Once again, welcome to the world of crazypreneurs meaning professionals worldwide either in India or in and from anywhere else across sectors globally to come together and participate in the madness that follows when super geniuses, prodigies, great and intelligent minds with fires in their bellies and eternal passion for enterprising in their minds is awaiting to be unfolded in just the right kind of environment for building an ecosystem like none other that exists or ever will. 
Plan is simple: Connect the world like never before. 
How we gonna do it: Let's meet, talk, share our views, opinions without the fear of being judged as this is the one and only place where we will get our acts together, pull up our sleeves and socks to actually make things happen unless you expect otherwise. You definitely have the right skills else you wouldn't have come this far, reading this. So what's holding you back - we can help you find out. You could be in any field, professional or personal, business or job, student or working, boss or manager or associate, CEO or intern, investor or company, service provider, vendor of any sort anywhere anytime whether now or recent or past. If not now, then when? If not you, then who? Believe in yourself before other stop to.. The doors are always open, guess what that's exactly why there may be not much left if you take too much time.. Take the plunge....Hang up your corporate boots.. It's not philosophy. It's strictly business, nothing personal! [you better know the genesis].

Let's do it!!!

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Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Taking the plunge! Dates are tentative right now..

Needs a location

Taking the plunge!

Needs a location

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