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About the Meetup

Calling all creatives! Come and share your passion projects and collaborate with other local artists. We will be holding a meetup about once a month where we can share projects we are working on with other creative professionals, network and help each other out.

About the Organizer's

Nate Fisher is the owner and operator of Createrly, a local production company dedicated to working with the talented artists and businesses around Silver Spring. Nate has been around production and marketing work since graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2011. His main background is in Dramatic Writing, but he loves to learn new skills and help / work with others.

How Meetups Work

Meetups will be held about once a month. The frequency may change depending on the demand. If more time is needed in-between Meetups we will accommodate. The session will open up with introductions for all newcomers and then we will let people share their projects. The presentation time is for you to utilize however you would like. You can give a quick pitch of your project and give out call to collaborate, discuss a particular piece of your project and ask for feedback, or even share an idea you had and flesh it out with the group. After presentations there will be time for networking and mingling before we all head home.

These MeetUps are about you and your passion projects, so we want to be sure that everyone is getting value from these sessions. Please let the organizers know if you have any requests or suggestions.

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