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What we’re about


Are you an immensely creative solo electronic musician who finds the process of booking shows tedious and exhausting? Do you create all the music yourself and find it difficult to arrange the live performances? Are you looking for other likeminded artists to help out during performances? Would you be willing to also offer support to other electronic musicians looking to make their live shows a little easier and a lot more dynamic? Are you looking for other likeminded musicians and artists you can book shows with or collaborate with?

Are you a filmmaker, visual artist, dancer, singer,  etc. looking for new and unique opportunities to showcase your work?

We are not seeking people who are looking to get famous tomorrow, looking to get paid,  full of ego, and do not have a collaborative, collective spirit.  Art should be your first priority and creative expression should be your passion. We are all in this together.

Level of experience acceptable:  Have some work completed, with a link to share it online.

We are interested in composers, singer-songwriters, and electronic musicians with a unique creative edge who are immensely creative and relatable.  We want people who make music that is fun to listen to, yet also intellectually stimulating.  We want people with a clear artistic vision and a unique and attractive perspective.

We are also open to any non-musical creative artists interested in collaborating on projects and collectively showcasing work in appropriate venues.