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What we’re about

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes, no matter what are you up to, we love to hear from you. This group is all about getting in touch with other creative souls to enrich our inspiration, inventiveness and skills within a non-judgmental environment, we welcome all kind of creative journeys or wish for it, promoting cross-fertilization of ideas through diverse disciplines. It is so beneficial to bounce around ideas with other positive, enthusiastic, inventive people! All levels and abilities are welcome, professionals, amateurs, beginners alike... if you are creative, you're in! <br> <br>

We will be planning a variety of events, to get together within a relaxed, friendly and fun environment, adhering to the numbers allowed by current regulations. Starting from regular social evenings, sitting around a table chatting about ideas, project and inspiration (usually these take place right after a create-something event) with the occasional online catch-up with the original organizer. From here it is up to us: the most are happy with these regular chat within creatives, for the ones who want more this can be the starting point to get together and play "creative"... in the past we did evening/night sketching of the city skyline, simple get-together for some drawing/making at the "Oi! Art Space", even a hike with a sketchbook. Could be as easy as arrange a visit to an art exhibition, or something more organized like find a studio to try something new. There are so many possibilities... Anyone is encouraged to take ideas out of their head, if you have a wish please do share it... likewise, anyone is encouraged to help others to make it happen within their own ability/wish, maybe you can just have that right word of encouragement or actually know something useful, just share it. Start simply joining along our socials, talk about your interests and see how things might develop, it is going to be fun and enriching! There are no expectations but remember, the more you put in, the more you will take out.

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One quick note about our MEMBERSHIP. It is free however you have to be an active member: if you don't visit the group regularly and you might find yourself removed, don't worry, you are welcome back anytime you will ask to re-join the group. This is due to the maximum limit of 50 members: if new requests arise, the organizer will scroll through the members list and will remove the ones that haven't visited the group for the longest period. New members might be added to a waitlist until spaces will be made available. <br> <br>

The aim is to create a small, friendly, self-supportive, non judgmental group for nurturing our creative side, grow and enrich ourselves through what we do. Constructive help, tips and discussions are highly encouraged, however there is no space here for sterile criticism. Be respectful, be kind, be supportive and acknowledge others way to express their creative side, it is a chance to learn for everyone. <br> <br>

Happy creativity to you all! <br> <br>