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Learn how to make a professional-quality camera boom that won’t break the bank

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All of us want to explore every possible angle when shooting a subject, but one angle typically eludes us – the perspective as seen from above, because most of us don’t bring a ladder or better yet, a boom to most shoots. Who wants to carry a ladder around, and who wants to spend the money on those professional booms?

Sure, in a pinch we can attach a camera to the end of a monopole but there are serious limitations to this method, among them limited reach, inability to see what’s in the viewfinder, lack of control of the camera, and questionable sturdiness when fully extended.

Warren Roh has the solution to all these problems – he has engineered and built a professional quality boom that many of you have seen him use. It has the advantage of a monitor to allow you to see what’s in the viewfinder, a remote trigger and is built like something NASA would use.

Warren will walk a class through the entire process of making a boom, including parts list and prices, so that you can make your own boom and get all the angles.

If there is time, he will show some of the other recent tools he has constructed, such as a macro stand, and if there is interest will schedule a later meet-up to show how to build these other must-have items.

Photo of Warren Roh using his boom taken by Bob Vixie. Inset photo by Warren shows the view that no one else at the meetup got.