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Are you a creative, an artist or an entrepreneur - or perhaps you're all of the above - who's hustling, grinding, creating and yet you feel like you're not maximizing your potential?

Maybe you're creating and connecting, generating gigs and sales, and yet you feel like there's an "extra gear", another level... if you could only get to it.

Maybe you feel stuck, writer's block, stage fright, ideas come but soon dissipate, your inner voice ever more disconnnected... if you could only reach it.

Maybe you're a "former-creative", a "dabbler", a "never-got-to-it" or any variation of those who have left their innate gifts behind or have kept them at arms length, having instead chosen a more practical path... but that creative inner voice just won't quit.

If any and all of the above resonates with you, I'd love to have you in this creative collective. My name's Neto and I'm one of you, I've been a creative most of my life. I've also been stuck, lost, in fear, purposelessness, etc for a great majority of it. Oscillating from periods of great creative flow when "creativity struck" to long dreadful draughts when it did not. Something had to give, and so it did...

About four years ago I was on a fast nosedive toward self-destruction. My work output was terrible, my heart wasn't in any of it, I was questioning all of life's decisions and worst of all - that nosedive was taking my marriage with it. Faced with a future prospetc as a broke, divorced, father of two, creatively unfulfilled, "sleeping-in-my-car-or-a-couch-until-I-figure-it-out" cliche I finally paused. I finally went deep in, self-explored, took stock, and it didn't take long for me to realize that much like my creativity, most of my pains, limitations and challenges started and ended with me. My very premise for living - from my actions to my beliefs and beyond - had gotten me there and if I was gonna course correct it, I was gonna have to do it from inside out. That was incredibly empowering, albeit a tad obvious, and not at all the epiphany that would "change everything". For that I'd have to take a long and hard look at the other possible outcome:

- What if the nosedive had too much momentum for my newly found self-empowerment "woo-woo" to overcome? What if crashing was inevitable? What then? Would I just use this enlightened approach "next time out"?

Like most if not all creatives, my life informs my art and my art informs my life, it's all one and the same, it's all me. My kids will forever be my greatest work of creative collaboration, my wife my greatest success story, the life we built together my biggest source of fulfillment. Being creative without them didn't make any sense. And so my Aha! Moment came in the form of a swan song, if I was gonna crash and burn, I was gonna at least say my piece. I didn't have a whole lot of resources at the time, I wasn't even sure I had that much time. So I let go of every job I was attached to at the time - I did give every single one of my clients a few highly skillful referrals as options - and I concentrated on pouring all of my resourcefulness into saying my piece. It amounted to little more than an artist manifesto, but finally I had poured out something that was uniquely, inherently, and most of all, authentically and unvarnishedly me. No excuses, no "it turned out that way because...", no one to be held accountable for the outcome but me. I shared that with every creative I respected within my network... and 3 months later I was writing and producing my first feature film for one of them to direct...the end!
Just kidding. That was act 1.

This group however is NOT about sharing my success stories. Not even so much about achievement as it is about fulfillment. This group is about sharing all the practices, strategies and tools that I figured out and put together along the way so that anyone can operate from their authentic self-expression and live a life of meaning, purpose and creative fulfillment.

This group is about each and every single one of you who wishes to unlock your infinite creative potential.

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