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Excited for a community that is aligned with the overall collective shift that is happening. A community that sees past the person mind, that can be an observer, and at the same time create within the playground of the matrix, the illusion. I would love to stay in the conversation of being the creator of our lives; what does that look like within this "real life" - at work, at home, at play.

Curiously uncertain of what direction the group will take, but the overall goal is to build a community to connect, share, discuss, and practice living from the heart and being conscious of the person self influence.

I am taking action to put this group together, but there creation of the time and space will be completely mutual between each other; the energy will revolve around trust, love, no fear, no lack, and creating an experience that will expand and reach beyond us.

THERE IS ALREADY A LARGE COMMUNITY WORLDWIDE :) I would love this group to be the Phoenix hub for those creators who are actively making change.

This group is aligned with Bentinho Massaro's teachings as well as the Law of One, and the 99 days of Irreversible Self Realization.

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