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Join Me @ Jambo's? 10,000 Celebration Event
Hello Possums, I'm putting on my glass slippers and throwing a 5 star* 10,000 Members celebration event and you're invited. Please RSVP with your +1's, if you think it's something you'd like to attend, so I can get a feel for the numbers interested and plan accordingly. It's likely to involve art, food, refreshments, fun and great conversation. Jambo's (our favourite First Thursday's tour hangout) is currently the venue in mind. But it'd be nice to know, just how big I may need to go! Forwarding this event email to a friend would also be a super easy way to help us earn our 10,000 members 'arty party' in the Summer sunshine. You know you want one! Aaryn D Your Highly Intoxicated Group Organiser® *please be aware that "a 5 star event" is me referencing the Meetup event feedback rating system...not a shindig @ The Ritz. Although with you awesome lot, I have no doubt that one day it could be entirely possible!

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