Ladies and Gentlemen and Creative Technologists from around the world...

We are delighted to announce the second Creative Tech Hub event.

We are being supported for this event by Microsoft who have been kind enough to host us in their awesome offices in London.

The event is being hosted by the brilliant Dino Burbidge. Dino is currently at MindCandy, home of the Moshi Monsters where he is their IP Development Director. He is a superb Creative Technologist and he has a fantastic agenda and line up of speakers being organised for the event. For more information on Dino you can visit his LinkedIn page at

Now to our speakers:

I hinted at some top-notch speakers before but now I can announce the actual list for this January's Creative Tech Hub meet up!

Firstly, not only have Microsoft rocked up and hosted the event , the brilliant Andrew Spooner, Microsoft's Creative Tech and UX Evangelist is presenting too. We couldn't ask for anyone more spot-on to open the proceedings!

Secondly (and I hope you're sitting down for this one), we're amazingly honoured to have Seb Lee-Delisle in the house. Seb is an award winning digital artist and all-round maker of awesome things who somehow manages to leave audiences speechless and jabbering with ideas at the same time.

And last, but certainly not least, Ben Griffin. Ben has his roots back in the hack-tactic demo scene of the 90s and is pretty much one with the matrix. He not only wrote his own web application language, Obyx, is a practicing Buddhist but also believes code can be beautiful and should be seen in art galleries. You have been warned.

There will also be mini, practical, fact-filled spots in-between (more on those in the new year), chance for Q & A and more, so it's shaping up to be a cracker.

Kind Regards,

Samm Pearey