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Do you need more mystery in your life? This meetup is for anyone who wants to discuss Agatha Christie's mystery novels and their adaptations.

The plan is to meet once a month to have a low key discussion about a specific title. You can read the book, watch or listen to an adaptation, anything is fine. Drink suggestions will be posted in the meetup, but it is optional. Feel free to brew a lovely tisane if that's what inspires you.

-this meetup will be entirely online in 2021

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The ABC Murders

Online event

No meeting in May, moving on to June:

The ABC Murders, one of the first [spoiler redacted], and this is an early one, which means the return of Hastings, Poirot's not-exactly-genius sidekick.

The zoom link will be sent out before the meeting. Please make sure you are subscribed to meeting emails from meetup. If you miss the email, send me a meetup message and I will send the link through that.

Even though the title of the meetup includes the words "book club", it's fine to watch or listen to an adaptation as long as you don't mind spoilers about how some plot elements may have played out differently.

Future Meetings (all online)
July 29: Why Didn't They Ask Evans? [no May meeting, so this will be the July book]
August 26: Sad Cypress, more Poirot so soon? Yes!
September 30: The Thirteen Problems (short stories), the debut of Miss Marple
October 28: The Pale Horse, aka the one with the witches


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Crooked House

Needs a location

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